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Sec. 6-73. - Required; fees.

Any person who shall own, keep or harbor a dog or cat over the age of six months within the municipality shall, within 30 days after acquisition of the dog or cat, acquire a license for each such dog or cat annually by or before January 1 of each year. The tax shall be delinquent from and after January 15; provided, however, that the possessor of any dog or cat brought into or harbored within the corporate city limits subsequent to January 1 of any year shall be liable for the payment of the dog or cat tax levied in this section. Licenses shall be issued by the administrator/clerk/treasurer upon the payment of a license fee of $5.00 for each altered male or female dog or cat, and $10.00 for each unaltered male or female dog or cat. After the January 15 delinquent date, an additional $5.00 penalty shall be added to the total licensing fee. Any new resident must acquire said license for each dog or cat within 30 days of establishing residency, or also be subject to the $5.00 penalty. Such license shall not be transferable and no refund will be allowed in case of death, sale or other disposition of the licensed dog or cat. The owner shall state at the time the application is made, and upon printed forms provided for such purpose, his name and address and the name, breed, color and sex of each dog or cat owned and kept by him. A certificate that the dog or cat has had a rabies shot, effective for the ensuing year of the license, shall be presented when the license is applied for, and no license or tag shall be issued until the certificate is shown
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