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The Dakota City Council consists of the Mayor and four Council members. The Council members act as a part-time policy making and legislative body. Each of them is elected to a four-year term.

Regular City Council meetings are held on the first Thursday and the third Wednesday of each month at 5:30 p.m., excluding City holidays. The City Council meets in the City Council Chambers at 1511 Broadway Street, Dakota City, Nebraska.

All City Council meetings are open to the public, however, some discussions regarding property acquisition, legal matters, or personnel issues take place in Closed Session. State law allows such items to be discussed privately. No other items may be discussed in Closed Session and Closed Session items must be listed on the City Council Agenda for each meeting.

Anyone wishing to address the City Council regarding agenda items, may do so by approaching the public podium as that particular item is being addressed and wait in be recognized by the Mayor. To ensure that business is conducted in an orderly and fair manner, speakers will be afforded one opportunity per Agenda item to address the City Council. At its discretion, the City Council may call speakers back to the podium to obtain further information. Groups or organizations are encouraged to appoint a spokesperson. Speakers will be given a reasonable amount of time to address the City Council, but comments should be limited to points not made by previous speakers.

                                           Tips for Public Participation at City Council Meetings

To address the City Council about a particular item, make your desire to speak known by coming forward to the public podium at the begining of the agenda item. Upon being recognized by the Mayor, please give your name and address for the record and continue with your comments.

 Address your remarks and questions to the City Council and not to the public or City staff members.

 Conduct yourself in a professional, courteous manner and refrain from applauding, shouting, or talking while speakers are addressing the City Council.

 Refrain from bringing food and drinks into the City Council Chambers and please set your cell phone to silent mode or off. .

City Council
 Jerry Yacevich
Clint Rasmussen
Linda Schovanec
Andy Backman
James Varvais
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